• Describe proper laboratory attire and behavior.
  • Identify laboratory equipment and define its purpose.
  • Argue a scientific claim through presentation of evidence and reasoning.
  • Identify the independent and dependent variable in an experiment.
  • Identify what a chemical property is and be able to give some examples.
  • Identify what a physical property is and be able to give some examples.
  • Describe how a physical change occurs and how it is different from a chemical change.
  • Describe how a chemical change occurs and know the indicators of a chemical reaction.
  • Explain the differences between a substance and a mixture.
  • Compare and contrast homogeneous and heterogeneous matter.
  • Identify the difference between the particle movement in a solid, liquid, and a gas.
  • Name each phase change and specifically describe which states of matter are involved.
  • Determine which separation technique would best isolate the components in a mixture.
  • Know the metric base units for time, temperature, length, mass, and volume.
  • Identify and use SI prefixes (mega, kilo, deci, centi, milli, micro, nano).
  • Describe the difference between accuracy and precision.
  • Read measurement devices in the laboratory environment and estimate to the correct digit.
  • Determine which digits in a measurement are significant. 
  • Set up a line graph, placing the independent and dependent variables on the appropriate axis.
  • Convert small decimals and large whole numbers to scientific notation and vice versa. 
  • Round a calculated value to the appropriate number of significant figures.
  • Use the formula for percent error including identifying the actual and experimental values.
  • Label all answers with the proper unit.
  • Solve the density equation for density, mass, and volume.




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