8.E.1.1 – Explain the structure of the hydrosphere including:
• Water distribution on earth
• Local river basins and water availability
8.E.1.2 – Summarize evidence that Earth’s oceans are a reservoir of nutrients, minerals, dissolved gases, and life forms:
• Estuaries
• Marine ecosystems
• Upwelling
• Behavior of gases in the marine environment
• Value and sustainability of marine resources
• Deep ocean technology and understandings gained
8.E.1.3 – Predict the safety and potability of water supplies in North Carolina based on physical and biological factors, including:
• Temperature
• Dissolved oxygen
• pH
• Nitrates and phosphates
• Turbidity
• Bio-indicators
8.E.1.4 – Conclude that the good health of humans requires:
• Monitoring of the hydrosphere
• Water quality standards
• Methods of water treatment
• Maintaining safe water quality
• Stewardship