8.L.3.3 – Explain how the flow of energy within food webs is interconnected with the cycling of matter (including water, nitrogen, carbon dioxide and oxygen).

8.L.5.1 – Summarize how food provides the energy and the molecules required for building materials, growth and survival of all organisms (to include plants).
8.L.5.2 – Explain the relationship among a healthy diet, exercise, and the general health of the body (emphasis on the relationship between respiration and digestion).

8.L.1.1 – Summarize the basic characteristics of viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites relating to the spread, treatment and prevention of disease.

8.L.1.2 – Explain the difference between epidemic and pandemic as it relates to the spread, treatment and prevention of disease.
8.L.2.1 – Summarize aspects of biotechnology including:
• Specific genetic information available
• Careers
• Economic benefits to North Carolina
• Ethical issues
• Implications for agriculture