8.L.2.1. Biotechnology

8.L.1.1. Pathogens

8.L.1.2. Disease Transmission

8.P.1.2. The Periodic Table of Elements

8.P.1.4. Balancing Equations

8.P.1.1. Classifying Matter

8.P.1.3. Physical & Chemical Changes

8.E.1.1. Freshwater Distribution

8.E.1.3. Water Quality

8.L.4.1. Evidence of Evolution

8.L.4.2 Adaptation

8.E.2.1. Dating

8.E.2.2. Geology

8.P.2.1. Energy Resources

8.P.2.2 Energy Conservation

8.L.3.2. Ecological Relationships

8.L.3.3. Energy Flow in Ecosystems

8.E.1.2. Ocean

8.L.5.1. Nutrition

8.L.5.2. Health

8.L.3.1. Population Dynamics

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